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Summer Camp

Ever wondered if there was a place where your child could play while they healed? There is! Join Shrinks Corner, “A Child in My Heart” summer camp where we will go back to basics and learn how to play, feel and heal.

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A Child in My Heart Summer Camp

Ever wondered if there was a place where your child could play while they healed? There is! Join Shrinks Corner, “A Child in My Heart” summer camp where we will go back to basics and learn how to play, feel and heal.

6 Weeks of Play & Healing

Let’s Play

Screens off…It’s time to explore, inside and out!

Discover the Power of Play: Enroll Your Child in A Child in My Heart Summer Camp.

Shrinks Corner is offering a 6-week summer camp of immersive play therapy for kiddos 7 – 11 years old. In today’s digital age, the essence of play is often overlooked, leaving many children disconnected from its healing power. Rediscover the joy of play at our empowering ‘A Child in My Heart’ Summer Camp, an experience that will heal the heart and ignite the soul.


At ‘A Child In My Heart’ Summer Camp, your kiddos will enjoy six weeks of themed play therapy adventures led by Ali, owner of Shrinks Corner, a licensed Psychotherapist who has mastered the art of play and healing.

From field trips to creative arts, music, mindfulness exercises, and meaningful connections, our sessions are crafted to reconnect children with the essence of play while fostering wonder and curiosity in a secure environment.

Through play, we’ll explore emotions and empower our young ones with essential coping strategies to navigate life’s challenges.

Every camper will receive a camp shirt and get to create a personalized coping skills box to
take home at the end of their journey.


$1250 per child

  • 6 | 3 hr sessions with a licensed Psychotherapist
  • Camp T-Shirt
  • Transportation to off-site adventures
  • Admission fees covered for all activities
  • Snacks
  • Personalized Therapy Toolbox

The summer camp will care for 6 children to ensure that Shrink Ali can give the care and support each child needs as they navigate their emotions. If additional sign up, alternative days will be added to accommodate.

*Use your FSA / HSA to pay for a therapeutic Summer Camp for your kiddos. We accept some insurances and provide superbills for insurance reimbursement to make therapy affordable.

Summer Schedule

Wednesdays | 9:30am – 12:30pm

Our kiddos will embark on a journey deep within as we kick off our 6-week session with a special focus on understanding emotions. Starting with a screening of the latest film, Inside Out 2, we delve into a world beyond just happiness, sadness, and anger, exploring the complexities of emotions our kids encounter as they grow older.

This themed day creates a safe and nurturing environment for children to unpack and understand their feelings. Through engaging activities and discussions, we equip them with new tools to identify and navigate a spectrum of emotions. From joy to fear, from excitement to uncertainty, our goal is to empower children with the emotional intelligence needed to navigate life’s twists and turns with confidence and resilience. Join us for a day filled with discovery, insight, and emotional growth at A Child in My Heart Summer Camp.

Your kiddo will be enchanted as we dive into the enchanting world of music and imagination! Renowned musician Dan De La Torre will serenade us with his heartfelt song, ‘A Child in my Heart,’ setting the tone for a summer of exploration and growth at Shrinks Corner. Led by our experienced therapist, Ali, this session invites you to unleash your inner child, granting permission to play, dream, and rediscover the wonders of life.

As the melodies fill the air, we embark on a therapeutic journey where every note ignites possibility. Where will this musical odyssey take us this summer? Join us and find out! Each child will receive a cherished copy of the ‘Child in my Heart’ poem, a reminder of the magic within and the adventures that await. Let the rhythm guide you as we embrace the transformative power of music and embark on a journey of self-discovery at A Child in My Heart Summer Camp.

Today your kiddos will practice mindfulness and reconnect with nature as we explore the scenic landscapes of our new location in Mission Viejo. Our day begins with a rejuvenating mindfulness hike, where children will learn the art of being present in the moment, immersing themselves in the sights, sounds, and sensations of the great outdoors.

Arriving at the tranquil lakeside, we gather around for a delightful afternoon of crafting memories and savoring the simple joys of childhood. What could be more fitting than toasting s’mores by the shimmering waters? As the flames dance and laughter fills the air, friendships blossom and hearts are warmed.

But the magic doesn’t end there. At A Child in My Heart Summer Camp, we believe in nurturing not just the soul, but also the earth. Each child will receive a plant to care for throughout the summer, learning the invaluable lesson of nurturing and speaking kindly to themselves, just as they would to their green companion. From feeding their plant to decorating its pot, every action becomes a reflection of self-love and growth.

Today’s journey will be filled with laughter, learning, and the sweet melodies of the ukulele! Join us for an exciting Ukulele class, where children will embrace the thrill of mastering a new skill amidst the serene backdrop of nature by the lake.

Led by a Hawaiian Ukulele teacher and our compassionate therapist, Shrink Ali, this session promises an immersive experience where children not only learn to play the ukulele but also discover the power of collaboration and support. As they strum their way through chords and melodies, they’ll navigate the highs and lows of learning something new, fostering resilience and camaraderie along the way.

In this harmonious setting, each child will have the opportunity to shine, supported by the encouragement of their peers and mentors. Together, they’ll celebrate each triumph and conquer any challenges, fostering a sense of achievement and unity.

Your kiddo will step into a realm of artistic expression and inner transformation as we embark on an unforgettable day of Art Therapy in the picturesque setting of Laguna Beach. Here, amidst the soothing sounds of the ocean and the gentle breeze, children will unleash their creativity and turn raw clay into works of art that speak to the soul.

Led by our compassionate therapist, Shrink Ali, and supported by a local pottery instructor, this session invites children to explore the therapeutic power of creation. With hands-on guidance, they’ll mold and shape their emotions into tangible forms, using the spinning wheel as a tool for both artistic expression and bilateral stimulation.

As the clay takes form, children will witness the metamorphosis of their emotions, from formless blobs to beautiful sculptures that reflect their innermost thoughts and feelings. Amidst a tranquil environment and soft, soothing music, they’ll find solace and serenity as they immerse themselves in the creative process.

At the end of the session, all art pieces will be fired and glazed, preserving the essence of each child’s journey of self-discovery and transformation. Join us for a day of artistry, healing, and beauty as we turn emotions into masterpieces at A Child in My Heart Summer Camp.

Discover the power of resilience and self-care as we embark on a transformative journey to create personalized therapeutic toolkits at A Child in My Heart Summer Camp. In this empowering session, each child will craft their own toolbox filled with evidence-based protocols and interventions designed to support their emotional well-being both at camp and at home.

From a calming corner kit to anxiety relief strategies, coping skills resources, and sensory tools, our goal is to equip children with practical techniques to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and resilience. Guided by our experienced therapists, children will learn how to identify their unique needs and assemble a toolkit tailored to their preferences and strengths.

Drawing inspiration from popular resources like those found on Etsy, we’ll explore creative ways to design and personalize each toolbox, making it a reflection of each child’s journey and personality. Whether it’s decorating sensory items or compiling calming activities, every step of the process is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

At the end of the day, children will leave with a tangible reminder of their inner strength and the tools they possess to thrive in any situation. Join us for a day of empowerment, creativity, and resilience-building as we assemble our Therapy Toolboxes at A Child in My Heart Summer Camp.

What to Bring

Each day will require different items to bring. You will receive an email a few days before outlining the day’s adventures and what to bring.

However, here are some. basics:

  • Wear your camp shirt
  • Water Bottle
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Lunch

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Unlock the healing and confidence-building power of play! Even amidst life’s challenges, taking a moment to play can work wonders—resetting the mind, lifting spirits, and offering new perspectives. Enroll your kiddo in ‘A Child in My Heart’ Summer Camp, where we’re going back to basics. It’s time to embrace the power of play and unlock the healing potential within. Don’t miss out—sign up now and embark on a journey of laughter, growth, and lasting memories!

If you have more than one kiddo, please complete one form per child. Once your inquiry has been received, Shrink Ali will reach out to complete registration. 

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