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Your happiness is one of our greatest goals. To hear how happy our services have made you simply warms our hearts.

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Happy Experiences

Jose G.

“Before I came to Shrinks Corner, I swear most of my prior therapists were half asleep during my sessions; so glad I found someone who doesn’t just repeat, “how does that make you feel?” So, refreshing to just talk to someone on the real.”

Dr. Deanna Jordan – Crosby, PsyD

“Alexandria is an exceptional clinician. I have referred patients who are still with her and have reported quality care. She worked and interned for me and I have always remarked that she gives more than she takes.” – New Method Wellness

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Allison F.

“My teen son and I saw Ali for a year through a rough time in our life and we remain in touch with her, because you can’t help but feel like family when someone holds your hand through a painful time”.

Pete S.

“Forget the tissues…She has candy in her office…That is all I’m going to say”.

Devon M.

“Ali is the best therapist I have ever had…Never found a therapist to help me with my ADHD like she did.”

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Modern Psychotherapy in Orange County, Shrink Corner
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